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Vol. 41 No. 3 September-December 2021

Original articles

Effects of cyclic acid challenge on the surface roughness of various flowable resin composites

Nattawit Niyomsujarit, Apakorn Worahan, Munin Chaichalothorn


Effect of cervical lesions on the rate of survival without fracture in endodontically treated premolars with exposed proximal cavity and restored with resin composite

Kantaporn Kaewchomphoo, Danuchit Banomyong, Yaowaluk Ngoenwiwatkul, Piyapanna Pumpaluk


Effect of different molecular weight of chitosan mouthwash formulations against Streptococcus mutans

Panthita Yawilat, Nuttawee Niamsiri, Rudee Surarit, Araya Phonghanyudh


Antimicrobial activity of neem toothpaste against caries-associated microorganisms

Ratchaporn Srichan, Boonyanit Thaweboon , Sroisiri Thaweboon , Supaporn Mala


Video games, audiovisual, and conventional distractions for pediatric dental patients: A crossover randomized controlled clinical trial

Ploypailin Kumprasert, Woranun Prapansilp, Praphasri Rirattanapong

The dimension and severity of orofacial pain in patients with current and chronic odontogenic pain

Abu Saeed Ibn harun Harun, Ali Hossain, Shahiqu Jabber, Hasibul Hasan


Customization of the clinical session timetables by undergraduate dental students at Mahidol University

Aree Watcharasottikul, Waitayanuch Petchbundi, Warungkana Chidchuangchai


Parental knowledge, attitudes, and practices about caring for primary teeth in Vietnam

Le Thi Thuy Linh, Le Minh Giang, Dao Thi Dieu Thuy, Nguyen Thi Thu Phuong, Tran Thi My Hanh , Ha Ngoc Chieu


Case report

Compound odontoma in primary dentition: A case report of a 4-year-old girl

Praphasri Rirattanapong, Narinee Chinajitphan

Vol. 41 No. 2 May-August 2021

Correction of mandibular prognathism using a surgery-first approach or early surgery: Two case reports.

Parinya Choovait, Varisara Puranitee, Passiri Nisalak


The efficacy of handwashing gel containing banana peel extract in reducing bacterial load on dentists’ hands

Duangkaew Kerdsiri, Nada Kengpanich, Benyatip Duangsombat,Pornpimon Kamchai, Wilairat Worapamorn


Viscoelasticity at initial setting and gelation time of a short-term soft liner incorporated with clove, star anise, and kaffir lime essential oils

Puvipat Pattanachaipuvanon, Montri Ratanajanchai


Palatal remaining coronal cervical tooth structure increases the survival rate from unrestorable fractures in endodontically treated maxillary anterior teeth restored with resin composite restorations: A retrospective cohort study

Pimnara Phengudom, Danuchit Banomyong, Titalee Jirathanyanatt,Yaowaluk Ngoenwiwatkul, Warattama Suksaphar


The proliferative effect of conditioned media from human periodontal ligament stem cells and human exfoliated deciduous teeth stem cells on human gingival fibroblasts

Soravis Jantanasan, Kallapat Tansriratanawong, Kajohnkiart Janebodin, Jirattikarn Kaewmuangmoon


Gingival squamous cell carcinoma of the anterior mandible clinically presenting as a reactive gingival growth: a case report.

Mohamad Adib Jaafar, Ling Siew Wong, Aisah Ahmad, Fairuz Abdul Rahman


Comparison between single and multiple adjunctive Er,Cr:YSGG application to scaling and root planing in periodontal maintenance patients with residual periodontal pockets: A 3-year follow-up

Nuttha Watchanasanout, Thitiwan Teparat-Burana


Ergonomic working posture in dentistry: Importance of body and limb dimensions

Varisra Pungwattana, Pirasut Rodanant


The effect of silane-SiOnanocomposite coating on provisional restorative materials in surface hardness

Thamonwan Langlongsathit, Pranithida Kamonwanon


Benefits of pit and fissure sealants on fluoride release, buffering capacity, and biofilm formation

Arthit Klaophimai, Anisha Komalsingsakul, Ratchapin Laovanitch Srisatjaluk, Pisol Senawongse

Vol. 41 No. 1 Supplement (2021): Oral Presentation(MDRS2021)

Effect of smear layer pretreatment with chemical methods on bond strength of universal adhesives

Thanawat Ruaydee, Vanthana Sattabanasuk, Pipop Saikaew



Does delayed light activation of resin composite affect dentin bond strength?

Nattaporn Sukprasert, Pipop Saikaew, Choltacha Harnirattisai



Fracture resistance of lithium disilicate ceramic cemented on dentin with different curing strategies

Nanthiphorn Pongam, Kallaya Suputtamongkol, Pong Pongprueksa



Effect of 30-day toothbrushing on permeability of desensitizer occluded root dentin: in vitro study

Yossaya Laemlak, Pisol Senawongse, Pipop Saikaew



The three-dimensional temporomandibular joint morphology in a group of Thai skeletal class III openbite patients using Cone-Beam Computed Tomography

Yosaphon Songphum, Sirima Petdachai, Vannaporn Chuenchompoonut



Effect of pulpal pressure simulation on dentin bonding of a universal adhesive

Wimvipha Vichianrat, Choltacha Harnirattisai, Vanthana Sattabanasuk



Effect of low temperature degradation on mechanical properties of cubic-containing translucent zirconia

Santiphab Kengtanyakich, Chaimongkon Peampring



Dental caries arresting effect of silver diamine fluoride in intellectual disability persons

Permpoon Charoentumnukit, Apiwan Smutkeeree, Varangkanar Jirarattanasopha


Vol.41 No.1 January-April 2021

Original articles

Long-term effect of periodontal treatment on gingival crevicular fluid level of Cathepsin K in chronic periodontitis patients with type 2 diabetes mellitus

Auttaporn Chaisalee, Thanis Chaturamaytanon, Ananya Promsudthi, Rudee Surarit


Clinical outcomes of Bio-MA and ProRoot® MTA in orthograde apical barrier and root perforation repair: a preliminary phase of randomized controlled trial

Nuttida Tungsuksomboon, Supachai Sutimuntanakul, Danuchit Banomyong


Effects of using oral hygiene care pamphlets for housebound older persons

Supawinee Rueanphoo, Potchaman Sinavarat, Kanyawat Rattanasuwan, Weerasak Muangpaisan, Narirat Jitramontree, Piangchan Rojanavipart, Dujpratana Pisalsarakij


Biocompatibility assessments of electrospun polycaprolactone scaffolds with hyaluronic acid and/or gelatin surface modification in cultured human exfoliated deciduous cells.

Panlapa Linsuwanont, Surachai Dechkunakorn, Niwat Anuwongnukrohn, Hathaitip Sritanaudomchai, Nathaphon Tangjit


Effect of different materials on marginal accuracy of crown coping fabricated by a CAD-CAM system

Somchai Urapepon, Vicente O. Medina III


Effect of fluoride-containing products on nickel-free orthodontic brackets

Natsinee Pipatvadekul, Kanlaya Insee, Samroeng Inglam


Evaluation of the optimum brushing force on dental plaque removal: an in vitro study

Patr Pujarern, Pirasut Rodanant, Eakkachai Warinsiriruk, Kanyawat Rattanasuwan


Efficacy of alcohol-free mouthwash containing essential oil from the fruits of Zanthoxylum limonella Alston on dental biofilm, gingivitis, and Streptococcus mutans controls

Thanyaporn Vachirarojpisan, Kanokwan Karnchanarungroj, Chinnakrij Posiri, Phraodara Hongsamsipjet, Rawiwan Charoensup, Wilairat Worapamorn


Effect of adding zinc oxide and zirconium oxide on decreasing tooth discoloration from mineral trioxide aggregate in a regenerative endodontic model

Piyawat Vibulcharoenkitja, Danuchit Banomyong, Benjaratana Sirisinsuk, Parina Angnanon, Pornjaras Jiarratanasawat, Kalsiree Lertsodsai, Thitipong Wongkanchana