● MSc in Dentistry Major Community Dentistry (International program)


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Contact person:

Dr. Piyada Gaewkhiew
E-mail: piyada.gaw@mahidol.edu
Tel. +66-2200-7809

● MSc in Geriatric Dentistry (Thai Program)

○ DTGD 603 Oral Health Promotion and Prevention in Older Persons

○ DTGD 612 Extramural Oral Health Care for Older Persons

● DDS Program (Thai)


The Department of Community Dentistry is responsible for DTCM courses provided to 2nd, 4th, 5th and 6th undergraduates

o DTCM 211 Dental Sociology
o DTCM 411 Oral Health Promotion and oral health education
o DTCM 531 Study Visit in Health Delivery System
o DTCM 532 Epidemiology
o DTCM 533 Dental Public Health Administration
o DTCM 552 School Oral Health Programme
o DTCM 642 Extern Field Works
o DTCM 643 Dental Office Administration

● DDS Program (International)

○ DTIS 213 Dental Sociology
○ DTIS 233 Oral Health Promotion and Oral Health Education I
○ DTIS 316 Oral Health Promotion and Oral Health Education II
○ DTIS 332 Epidemiology
○ DTIS 402 Dental Public Health Administration
○ DTIS 550 Community Oral Health Program
○ DTIS 602 Dental Office Administration

● Certificate Program in Advance Dental Assistant (2 years Program)

○ DTDA 110 Fourhanded Dentistry
○ DTDA 116 Oral Health Education in Community
○ DTDA 123 Clinical Dental Assisting: Community Dentistry I
○ DTDA 127 Clinical Dental Assisting: Community Dentistry II
○ DTDA 208 Community Dentistry and Dental Public Health System