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Department of Pediatric Dentistry

Department of Pediatric Dentistry

MU DENT faculty of dentistry

Department of Pediatric Dentistry

The Department of Pediatric Dentistry was established in 1969. The objective is to provide teaching and learning in pediatric dentistry to dental students and also provide dental services to patients under 12 years of age. Subsequently, 3 postgraduate programs were offered 1) Higher Graduate Diploma Programme in Dentistry (Pediatric Dentistry) 2) Residency Training Program in Pediatric Dentistry 3) Master of Science Programme in Dentistry (International Programme). The Department also participates in Dental Assistant Program, Dental Technology Certificate Program and Bachelor of Science in Dental Technology.
Pediatric dentistry is a comprehensive dental care provided to patients under 12 years of age. The service includes behavior management, preventive care and restorative care. The service is also extended to special need children.


Optimum child’s oral health and child’s good attitude towards dental health care is an accomplishment of Pediatric dentistry.


Create and develop highly qualify and disciplinary dentist which have certain characteristics include “Open-minded, foresighted, enthusiastic, moral, conscious of importance in child’s health”


To be a best pediatric department which has international standard enriched with context, dental services and research and to be knowledge network for good family and child’s quality of life


1. To provide an extensive pediatric dentistry education for creative, enthusiastic, energetic and virtuous individual who meet international standard
2. To encourage and support international pediatric dentistry research for creation of new knowledge, evolution and application
3. To develop and provide dental services and education for better child’s oral health
4. To encourage and maintain tradition, culture and value of Thai society
5. To manage in effective, justify and transparent way by using appropriate technology



1. To produce highly qualify and disciplinary pediatric dentist
2. To generate standardized pediatric dental research which benefit the quality of life in Thai society
3. To give knowledge, education and high quality standardized dental service
4. To position pediatric dental department as knowledge hub by developing an excellent pediatric dentistry information system
5. To improve efficiency and modernize the context, research, social service and administrative system by applying new technology
6. To enhance effectiveness, transparency and justification in administration
7. To preserve culture and emphasize on benefit of the society