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Department of Pharmacology was established on June 7, 1968 following the establishment of Phayathai Faculty of Dentistry by Royal Decree. Our department is currently located at the Pre- Clinic building, 8th floor. We provide Pharmacology education emphasis on dental drugs and oral lesions treatment. Currently, we offer Bachelor Degree, Master Degree, Doctoral Degree and Diploma Certificate in variety of Dental Pharmacy study options. In addition, we provide information and knowledge of drugs used in dentistry, materials for department members, as well as encourage research and innovation to benefit society and the dental consumables market. We focus on sustainable research that results in invention of products that are beneficial to the prevention of oral diseases in the elderly.




Pharmacology for education, research and new innovative creation for society




Excellent learning, outstanding research and information technology management for producing leadership in society.




Modern and global standard for education and research in dental pharmacology






1. Provide pharmacology discipline for undergraduate, master and doctoral program, as well as, dental specialty training program.
2. Develop information technology in education to fulfill outcome based learning.



1. Initiate novel knowledge from world class research and innovation, which give benefits to social and in commerce.
2. Expand research collaboration, especially in the dental application field such as herbal medicine and pharmaceutical dentistry for prevention and treatment oral diseases
3. Promote research relating to national policy such as geriatric research


Community service

1. Offer valued community service for developing the country.




1. To produce quality graduates equipped with sound knowledge of dentistry, morality and bioethical skills
2. To develop research aiming to search for new knowledge beneficial for teaching and learning corresponding to the national policies for the benefits of society targeting for sustainable development
3. To provide academic service in Pharmacology to dental organizations and professional personnel by incorporating findings from research and state-of-the-art technology



P : Proactive สร้างงานเชิงรุก
H : Happiness สร้างสุขร่วมใจ
A : Awakening ตื่นรู้ทันสมัย
R : Research Innovation วิจัยนวัตกรรม
M : Merit ยึดคุณธรรมนำชีวิต