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Department of Oral Biology

Department of Oral Biology

MU DENT faculty of dentistry

Department of Oral Biology

The department of Oral Biology is responsible mainly for 3 tasks: teaching, research and academic services.

The teaching program provides instruction both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. Undergraduate course focuses on the basic principles of medical and oral physiology and biochemistry, which provides students with knowledge of the chemical structures of biomolecules, metabolism, cellular and organ systems of the human body.

Apart from routine teaching, the department places a strong emphasis on research. The five major current research areas including:

1. Oral Cancer
2. Stem Cells
3. Dentine and Pulp Physiology
4. Physiology of TMJ and Orofacial pain
5. Physiology of bone and cartilage and materials design for bone


At present, the department has M.Sc. and Ph.D. programmes in Oral Biology, which are run jointly with the departments of Anatomy, Oral Microbiology, Oral and Maxillofacial Pathology and Pharmacology. Moreover, staffs are well known in the field of oral biology and receive regular invitations to teach in other institutions worldwide.



1. Responsibility, assiduousness and determination
2. Educational Development
3. Support research and training for continuous improvement
4. Effectiveness and efficiency in work
5. Reasonable consuming of office supplies
6. Morality
7. Harmony and sharing



“Oral biology is the foundation of success in dental education”



To produce high quality and moral people who can apply their knowledge and carry out good research for development.



Department of international quality with emphasis on excellence in research, teaching and academic services.



1. Promote and support research of international quality in order to create new knowledge and its application.
2. Provide education services to produce graduates and dental personnel of international quality.
3. Develop and provide academic services to promote good oral health of the population.
4. Implement Thai culture, traditions and arts as part of life style.
5. Efficient administration with justice, transparency and accountability with appropriate usage of information.


1. Produce basic and applied research of international quality for professional and social applications.
2. Promote research collaborations both local and international.
3. Training knowledgeable dentists and dental personnel with good morals, ethics and professional conduct.
4. Provide academic and professional services of good quality and standards.
5. Have efficient, transparent, accountable and just management system.
6. Apply information technology for academic, research, social services and management system in an up to date manner.
7. Create and promote departmental and national traditions for public benefit.