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Philosophy :

Good oral health of people can be achieved through comprehensive dentistry.



To produce graduates who have holistic approach to dental problems.



Leading institution with excellence in comprehensive dentistry.



1) Produce graduates and experts in general dentistry with quality and holistic approach well accepted in the Asian region.

2) Conduct quality research with continuous publication.

3) Provide comprehensive dental care with learning and teaching objective.

4) Cooperate with other agencies in providing dental care for the promotion of oral health of the people.

5) Promote physical and mental health of personals and students.

6) Promote And support traditions, culture and arts of Thailand.



1) To produce graduates with comprehensive dentistry approach and experience, ready to provide appropriate service to the people.

2) Provide teaching and learning at post – graduate level in general dentistry in order to further develop both quality and efficiency.

3) Raise the level and promote dental personals to be leader in academic by providing opportunity for working dentists to return to develop their knowledge, skill and understanding their role in providing service. The enphasis is placed on prevention and promotion of oral health of the people.

4) To develop and create clinical research for new knowledge for application.

5) To provide knowledge and academic service in clinical practice with quality. Provide preventive dentistry service to the people.

6) To provoke couscious of the personal and students to support arts and culture for the benefit of the quality of life and the public.