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The School of Dental Assistant, Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry first had a Certificate Program in Dental Assistant (one year program) on May 17, 1972 after receiving approval from the Ministry of University Affairs and the Office of The Civil Service Commission (OCSC). This program was made available for students who held at least a junior high school degree. In 1986, the program made some amendments when the Ministry of Education made a policy that stated that all students must complete their high school education first or its national equivalent in order for them to be able to enter the program. The curriculum consists of both theoretical and practical learning, and mainly focuses on practicing in the clinic in order to be consistent with the theoretical teaching, allowing graduates to have basic knowledge in their careers and being able to work effectively as a dental assistant.

Graduates will receive a Certificate of Dental Assistant and be able to work in both government and private agencies as dental assistants or dental practitioners. At present, there are 45 batches with a total of 2,476 graduates.

In the academic year 1997, the School of Dental Assistant opened a one-year program which served as the continuing program of the Certificate Program in Dental Assistant for students who held a minimum two years’ experience in this field in order to increase their basic knowledge in medical science and technology as well as their ability to help perform advanced dental work more efficiently. There were 40 dental assistants as the first batch of the program. The Faculty offered the first course in 1997. However, since 2001, the program has been temporarily closed due to the declining number of enrollees.

In 2016, the dental assistant school has improved and changed from the Certificate Program in Dental Assistant (one-year program) to a Certificate Program in Advance Dental Assistant (two-year program) to ensure the quality of graduates responding to the needs of dental assistant profession which requires even more advanced knowledge for their career advancements in the future.

The School of Dental Assistant, Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry is the first school in Thailand which offers Certificate Program in Advance Dental Assistant (2-year program) and has established the course since the academic year 2017. Upon graduation, the OCSC has considered and approved the qualifications of graduates of this program (the program was approved by the Dental Council of Thailand on March 8, 2018.). Graduates may work for government agencies as civil servants under a position which the OCSC determines is equivalent to their degree, with a salary ranging from 10,840 – 11,930 Baht.