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Japan-Thailand-Korea Joint Symposium

MU DENT faculty of dentistry

Japan-Thailand-Korea Joint Symposium

(Event history)




2010Osaka-Thailand Joint Symposium in Oral ScienceOsaka University School of Dentistry, JapanNovember 26-27
2011The Second Osaka Mahidol Chulalongkorn Joint SymposiumMahidol University Faculty of Dentistry, ThailandOctober 25-26
2012The 1st Japan-Thailand-Korea Joint SymposiumFaculty of Dentistry


Chulalongkorn University, Thailand

November 15-16
“Translational Research in Oral Sciences”
2013The 3rd Japan-Thailand-Korea Joint SymposiumYonsei University 
College of Dentistry, Korea
December 6
“Current Opinion in Implantology and Current Opinion in Oral Health Promotion”
2014The 4th Japan-Thailand-Korea Joint SymposiumSeoul National University
School of Dentistry, Korea
October 29-30
“Dental Science in 2014”
2015The 5th Japan-Thailand-Korea Joint SymposiumKyungpook National University School of Dentistry, KoreaDecember 2-3
“Translational Bone Research in Dental Sciences”
2016The 6th Japan-Thailand-Korea Joint SymposiumMahidol University 
Faculty of Dentistry, Thailand
November 30- December 1
“Dentistry for the Aging Society: Challenges and Resolutions”
2017The 7th Japan-Thailand-Korea Joint SymposiumOsaka University Graduate School of


Dentistry, Japan

November 30- December 1
“ Innovative Dentistry: Seeds and Needs ”
2018The 8th Japan-Thailand-Korea Joint SymposiumChulalongkorn University
Faculty of Dentistry, Thailand
November 27-28
“ Frontier Research in Dentistry ”
2019The 9th Japan-Thailand-Korea Joint SymposiumYonsei University College of Dentistry, KoreaOctober 17-18
“ Interdisciplinary Future
Dentistry: “from Bench
to Chair ” ”