Program VI: Pre-Symposium Workshop 4

Shaping canals with just one golden reciprocating file 

Date 1 May 2019 

Time: 12.00 PM-17.00 PM 

Speaker  Dr. Filippo Santarcangelo 

Endodontic Faculty Staff


Course Details:

The scientific literature indicates the “Gold ” metallurgy as a very powerful process creating a new generation of rotary and reciprocating files. The most recent studies from peer reviewed journals demonstrate that a new reciprocating file, WaveOne Gold (WOG), is a very interesting technological option. The gold alloy along with a unique design and specific degrees of reciprocation makes this file very flexible and resistant, so finally the shape respects the original canal anatomy.

From a clinical point of view all of these are good news for the dentists: the can do an excellent job of shaping, reducing the risk of file separation and other iatrogenic complications. WaveOne Gold, above all, is a single file technique, only one file is needed to completely achieve the shape, and this leads to a dramatic reduction of the duration of the procedure. Once clinicians understand the anatomy they are in front of, they can select the right WOG for that specific anatomy, in other words anatomy dictates the file choice, it is an anatomically guided shaping!

Another big innovation is represented by a new type of carrier based obturation named” Guttacore”.

It is a gutta-percha of new generation enabling the clinician to 3D fill canals in very few seconds. This lecture has the goal to analyze clinical and technical aspect of the endodontics procedure emphasizing the good impact of the new technology on the endodontic daily practice.


12.00 pm-12.30 pm Registration

12.00 pm-13.00 pm Lunch

13.00 pm-14.00 pm Lecture: Dr. Filippo Santarcangelo

14.00 pm-15.00 pm Workshop: Dr. Filippo Santarcangelo and Endodontic Staff

15.00 pm-15.30 pm Coffee break

15.30 pm-17.00 pm Workshop: Dr. Filippo Santarcangelo and Endodontic Staff


CDE Credit:  3.5

Fee: Half day Hands-on 3000 THB

Location: Chalermprakiat Building, 3rd Floor, Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University

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