School of Dental Assistant supports and manages education, student welfare, student activities and Certificate Program in Dental Assistant

1. Dental Assistant Program Admission

2. Registration and Student Record

3. Curriculum, Class Schedule, Practice Schedule,Student Clinic Schedule and Activity Schedule

4. Education Management and Coordination i.e. instructor invitation,lecture room, student practice, study facility, activity,welfare and student absence report

5. Student examination management

6. Education conference preparation and educational document service

7. Quality evaluation of graduate student and graduate student employment record

8. Event management for program and faculty i.e. student orientation,teacher respect ceremony, oral health day, for teeth you love day event,mobile dental service, religion event, graduation ceremony and sport day.

9. Student welfare management i.e. dental check-up, hepatitis b virus vaccination,military training postponement and health check-up.

10. Program evaluation and Dental Assistant Program development

11. Dental Assistant Program promotion

12. School administration i.e. planning, budget, inventory, equipment,finance and document.