Annual Fire Drill and Fire Evacuation Training (Practical Session)


On March 31st, 2021, Committee for Fire and Disaster Prevention, Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry (MUDT), held the annual fire drill and fire evacuation training (practical session). The training simulated the fire situation in the Faculty buildings and prompted the participants to extinguish the established burning and escape to an assembly point at The Provost Marshal General Department stadium.


The Faculty’s executives, staff members and students participated in the training to prepare themselves in the event of fire or emergencies, in compliance with the Standard for the Administration and Management of Occupational Safety, Health and Environment.


Fire service instructors from Bangkok Fire and Rescue Department (Phayathai), Phayathai Metropolitan Police Station, Leader Fire Safety Co., Ltd. and The Provost Marshal General Department were invited to supervise the participants during the training.