Energy Absolute PLC and Chuay Kan Group Provides Disinfection Equipment for Dental Hospitals under
Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry, Promoting ‘MorChana’ Application to Reduce Risks of COVID-19 Infection

On June 8, 2020,
Prof. Dr. Waranun Buajeeb (Dean, Mahidol University Faculty of Dentistry – MUFD), together with
Asst. Prof. Wipada Lerdrit (Deputy Dean and Acting Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs and International Education),
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Rudee Surarit (Deputy Dean for Research),
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Pisol Senawongse (Deputy Dean for Physical Environment and International Relations) and
Asst. Prof. Woranun Prapansilp (Assistant Dean for Physical Environment and International Relations) represented the faculty to receive 87 air purifiers (Large size), 5 ozone generators for the air disinfection, and 100 pieces of the AP-100 powered air purifying respirator from Mr. Sompoch Ahunai, Chief Executive Officer of Energy Absolute PLC or EA in collaboration with Chuay Kan Group. In fact, the donation was according to the plan to distribute sterilizing medical equipment to hospitals across Thailand, including dental hospitals under the administration of MUFD. The EA and Chuy Kan Group also took this opportunity to promote MorChana App, which was created to minimize the risks of the second wave of the COVID-19 outbreak.


The MorChana app can help users to assess the possibility of the COVID-19 infection by themselves by referring to activities and persons whom they have recently contacted during the past 14 days. This app functions as a track-and-trace tool using Bluetooth and GPS to detect the 2 following main factors posing the risk of the COVID-19 infection:


1. Being in close contact with COVID-19 patients
2. Traveling to the infected zones and being within approximately 5 meters of a person who had been at risk of the COVID-19 infection


Accordingly, all hospitals can use this app to screen out patients who are at risk of the infection to effectively control the further outbreak. The MorChana app has been ready for download, and, like eHealth Passport or COVID VISA, users can scan a QR code through this app to show the current status of the infection. Furthermore, this app can be used with ThaiChana app. Besides the app, public health measures to prevent the COVID-19 outbreak are still important and must be strictly implemented for the public safety.