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Department of Orthodontics which is one of the twelve departments was established in 1968. Our department strives to provide quality education, support research studies and serve the public. In 1971, the program started, after the department had been moved to Phayathai Campus. At that time, all clinics performed in the second building on 2nd floor. October 30, 1972, Orthodontics clinic became the individual clinic and relocated the clinic to the first building on 2nd floor room# 201. On the same floor, room# 207 was renovated to be a laboratory. We had only six dental units for student to practice and patients to get dental care. In present, the department efforts are to provide Orthodontics education and public dental in Orthodontics service. Dental Degree Programs offered are as follows; Bachelor of Technology Program in Dental Technology, Dental Technician Program and Dental Assistant Program. Postgraduate Degree Programs offered are as follows; Master of Science, Higher Graduate Diploma and Specialty Training Program in Orthodontics.



Good Bite, Effective Masticatory System and Charming Face are our clear objectives



To produce quality dental students and staffs with deliberate concentration on quality, service, research, education and integrity



To deliver a world-class education in Orthodontics



1. To provide a world-class, high quality and modern education.
2. To support Oral Microbiology and Immunology research and other related research that has a beneficial influence on academic performance and publish research in international journal at least one topic per person within every two – three years
3. To serve the appropriate diagnosis of microorganisms that cause oral diseases



1. To produce dental student and staff with quality, integrity, morality and ethic.
2. To create the international research which benefit to life quality development in Thai society
3. To provide education and dental care which emphasize service quality and patient satisfaction.
4. To create and develop orthodontics and public health dentistry in order to be a center for education
5. To continuously sustain and maintain Thai culture
6. To reform the management system to be effective, transparent, fair and accountable
7. To develop information system in effective and modern academic work, research, public service and management system



1. To educate dental student and staff to meet international standard with creative thinking, knowledge enhancement, integrity, morality and ethic
2. To support the international research in order to create new knowledge, built academic connection in innovation and application
3. To develop and serve quality education related to common needs in order to promote good oral health
4. To encourage Thai traditional and custom to be a way of life
5. To build effective, transparent, fair and accountable management along with good information system



The 50th Anniversary of HRH Princess Mahachakri Sirindhorn Building, 14th Floor