Innovative Education and Authentic Learning

Department of Oral Biology is responsible for undergraduate and graduate courses, Thai and international curriculums.


1. Our staff as a course director:


Undergraduate courses


Courses offered for dental students (Thai program):


DTBC 121 Introduction to Genetics
DTBC 211 Cell Biology in Medicine
DTBC 212 Biochemistry and molecular genetics
DTBC 663 Advanced molecular biology and bioinformatics



DTPS 221 Physiology for dental students I
DTPS 222 Physiology for dental students II
DTPS 223 Physiology laboratory for dental students


Interdisciplinary course (Thai program)

DTID 241 Cariology I
DTID 332 Cariology II



Courses offered for dental students (International program)


DTIS 204 Biochemistry
DTIS 205 Biochemistry Laboratory
DTIS 206 Introduction to Genetics
DTIS 704 Applied Molecular Biology of Cell



DTIS 229 Physiology I
DTIS 230 Physiology II
DTIS 231 Physiology Laboratory


Interdisciplinary course (International program)

DTIS 223 Cariology I
DTIS 302 Cariology II


Graduate courses :

DTID 514 Research Methodology (Thai)
DTID 514 Research Methodology (International)
DTID 515 Oral Biology
DTOB 624 Molecular Biology
DTOB 625 Molecular Biology in Dentistry


2. As a chairman and committee of faculty educational board:

• Administrative committee of Doctor of Dental Surgery (Thai curriculum)
• Administrative committee of Doctor of Dental Surgery (international curriculum)
• Administrative committee of M.Sc./Ph.D. in Oral biology
• Administrative committee of Higher graduated diploma in Dentistry
• Administrative committee of M.Sc. in Dentistry
• Developmental curriculum committee of doctoral degree, Faculty of Dentistry
• Proposal and dissertation committee of master and doctoral degree
• Advisory committee od dissertation of master and doctoral degree
• Advisor of dental student in each ID code
• Course committee in “Inflammation and Wound Healing Seminar” 4th year dental student
• Interviewing committee of faculty direct admissions in D.D.S. program


3. Service and facilitate about learning and researching in Oral biology for undergraduate dental students and graduated students in all programs and other faculty staff.


4. Control and supervise Oral Biology laboratory of dental student


5. As an advisor of 4th year dental student research project

Our pride



• Learning and teaching in the course DTPS 223 Physiology Laboratory (topic microcirculation) are accredited in 174th AUN-QA Programme Assessment Doctor of Dental Surgery Mahidol University by the international assessors. Date 4th-6th February 2020, Oral Biology Laboratory, 9th floor, laboratory and research building.