Service: Tissue diagnosis


The service on tissue diagnosis is provided to public and private hospitals. The fees are:

1. Soft tissue 200 bahts / case.
2. Hard tissue ( 5 cm in size) 300 bahts / case.
3. Hard tissue (larger than 5 cm) 500 bahts / case.


Instruction for submitting the specimens:

1. Preserve the specimen in 10 % formaldehyde (Buffered neutral formalin solution or formalin saline solution which is prepared according to instruction)

2. Specimen should be delivered in glass bottle tightly sealed and the specimen should be submerged in formalin solution 10 times the volume of specimen and properly labeled with name of the patient and address of hospital.

3. Bottle should be put in double layer plastic bags to prevent damage and properly sealed. Never put the specimen directly in the plastic bag because the solution may leak or plastic bag torn and cause damage to specimen. If the specimen is delivered by postage, make sure it is properly packed in a strong box with cushion.




Buffer Neutral Formalin Solution:*


100.0 ml 37-40 % formalin,
900.0 ml distilled water,
4.0 gm. sodium phosphate monobasic,
6.5 gm. anhydrous sodium phosphate dibasic.




Formalin Saline Solution:


100.0 ml 37-40 % formalin,
9.0 gm sodium chloride,
900.0 ml Tap water
or 100.0 ml 37-40 % formalin,
900.0 ml normal saline solution.



* The best overall fixative, therefore strongly recommended for routine use.