Doctor of Dental Surgery Program

Program Core Value

DTMU DDS is a well-rounded dental undergraduate program enables dentists to conduct evidence-based practice, engage in scholarly activities, translate knowledge in health sciences, and delivery dental care to all human beings, by educating them through learning-centered education, outcome-based education and constructivism.

To be an internationally recognized undergraduate dental program focusing on dental education, research, and professions in 2021.

Our program provides a diverse and global perspective and comprehensive approach to educating and enriching the dental professional and social conscience of our students.

To develop graduates with the following competencies:
1. Demonstrate ethical, moral and a proper attitude toward the dental profession
2. Perform comprehensive dentistry practice as well as in health promotion and oral disease prevention at personal, family and population levels
3. Apply knowledge and skills in basic medical sciences, information and communication technology, and research in dental practice
4. Manage personal and career development, adaptability in varied situations, as well as social responsibility
5. Communicate and collaborate with others according to their assigned roles

To produce graduates who are competent in social and dental skills, and serve the society with high ethical and professional standards through their life-long learning in dental profession.

As of January 4, 2020