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The academic journal is highly important because it helps to publish the knowledge, thought and development from researches. The unit also supports instructors, dentists, postgraduate students and other related persons at all stages of the journal publication cycle. Reading journals can be helpful for keeping the knowledge up-to-date and provide it to the others who will get the benefits of it. Therefore, the Faculty of Dentistry, Mahidol University realizes that being  knowledge management center is very important to provide the right knowledge in dental journals, research works and criticisms to share with the readers. In 1985, the first dental journal was published. It is published 4 issues a year. Presently, the journal receives budget from its guarantee of quality and is supported by Office of the Higher Education Commission (OHEC) and Thai Journal Citation Index Center and research screening process will be implemented by all professionals who have degrees in each field. In 2015, Thai Journal Citation Index Center, by the support of the Thailand Research Fund (TRF), is going to evaluate the quality of research for the second time.This evaluation is an integral component of quality improvement, thus the journal must show its continuous quality improvement. To continuous quality improvement, our Unit made the quality manual and research journal in order to implement research plans to meet quality requirements.

Current Issue

Vol.39 No.2 May - August 2019

Ergonomic risk assessment from working postures in fourth year undergraduate dental students at Mahidol University

Thaneeka Promprakai, Pirasut Rodanant


The Effect of Ocimum sanctum Oil on Human Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HSC-4) In Vitro

Rattiporn Kaypetch, Ratchaporn Srichan, Rudee Surarit


Effect of the surface roughness of composite resins on the water contact angle and biofilm formation

Anisha Komalsingsakul, Arthit Klaophimai, Ratchapin Laovanitch Srisatjaluk, Pisol Senawongse


Dental management of minor oral surgery for patients on hemodialysis

Porntip Jeenjanya, Duangdee Rummasak


The effect of accelerated aging on phase transformation and flexural strength of conventional and translucent zirconia-based dental ceramics

Nattayaporn Limsamai, Phyu Phyu Kyaw, Pong Pongpruaksa, Kallaya Suputtamongkol


Relationship between smile line, gingival biotype, tooth shape, and gingival zenith of maxillary central incisiors in a group of Thai young adults

Supranee Benjapupattananan, Papatpong Sirikururat


Esthetic treatment of anterior spacings in a patient with localized microdontia using no-prep veneers combined with periodontal surgery: A clinical report

Pajaree Limothai, Chalermpol Leevailoj


Effects of experimental ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid pastes with 0.2% cetrimide on smear layer formation at apical root canal walls prepared by rotary nickel titanium files

Sittichoke Osiri, Danuchit Banomyong, Kanet Chotvorrarak, Nisarat Ruangsawasd


A preliminary study on fit accuracy of removable partial denture frameworks fabricated digitally and conventionally using the micro-CT

Artit Songwatcharaporn, Noppavan Nagaviroj, Widchaya Kanchanavasita


Effect of different wavelength of LEDs on osteoblast-like cell cultured in 3D collagen type I scaffold

Tatsanee Tanglitanont, Rochaya Chintavalakorn, Peerapong Santiwong, Anak Khantachawana, Kwanchanok Viravaidya-Pasuwat


Output intensity of LED light curing units over a 4-year period of clinical use

Wittaya Lamthong , Kamon Yodyadthai , Pisol Senawongse